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Sarah is one of my clients - and I am utterly delighted to be working with her in 2021.

We both share a passion. And that is to see us girls - our tribe - have a LOT more in the way of confidence than is the 2021 norm.

I have been a portrait photographer for more than 30 years. And I have seen a real shift in the confidence of women over the last three decades.

And it TERRIFIES me.

I have mothers and grandmothers in my studio who refuse (and I mean R.E.F.U.S.E.) to be in a photograph with their own children and grandchildren. Why? Usually because they are too fat and too old!

Ladies!!! You are NOT the number on your scales or your birth certificate.

Are you aware that we have LESS images of women in this decade than our Victorian ancestors? This is dreadful. History will have NO record of us!

And it is particularly dreadful for those of us who are Mama's.

Girls...... one day your children will look for photographs of you. What will they have? 

I love that Sarah is helping you 'find yourself' again. When she has....I really hope you will use your Gift Voucher from her and come and see me! I want the opportunity to take the BEST photograph you have ever seen of yourself!

Your gift from Sarah will be for  a 'Mini' portrait session (valued at £120) where we will produce three beautiful portraits - just of YOU!! And Girls....when did THAT last happen?!

You will get to take all three home as digital files and your favourite will come as a Fine Art print.

All that I ask is that you tag Sarah if you share said portrait on Social Media and tell the world what she has done for you!

Annie x