"The mother with her muddy son, kicking a football in the park,

cannot sense as they wander home through chilly, soft-approaching dark;

this was the last time they’d come out

to kick that happy ball about.

How secret, sneaky-soft they come: those last times when we’ll kiss it better,

hold their hand across the road or lift them up to post a letter.

They pass unmarked, un-noticed; for

we’re not so needed any more.

So they abandon fairy tales, and nursery rhymes that mummy sings

and leave behind soft toys – and us - and put away their childish things;

a loss so small. Our loss the greater,

unmissed, un-mourned, until years later."

(Extract from "The Last Time" by Lucy Berry)

I found this poem years ago - sellotaped to a clients fridge. And I practically collapsed in tears right there and then in her kitchen.

A 'Boy-Mum' myself I suddenly realised how many 'last times' had been and gone ..... totally un-missed. When WAS the last time I'd lifted him up to post a letter? When WAS the last time I'd held his hand to cross the road? When WAS the last time we'd kicked a ball about together? When did I last 'kiss it better'? How had I never realised on that day I'd kissed it better he would never need me to do it again? That moment should have come with a warning. A siren at the very least! 

It goes SO quickly. Sometimes the days feel SO long. But the YEARS! Oh my goodness. How quickly those years are gone. And all the time we are teaching them to need us less and less. 

And that is the natural order of things and how it should be - but it doesn't stop it hurting just a teeny weeny bit.

And it doesn't matter how much we have to treasure in these years we STILL so rarely get IN a photograph with our children. Us - the 'kiss it better' centre's of their little Universe. We stand there proclaiming we are too fat and too old and 'look too tired'.  So we grab the camera and take one of everyone else (because we know THAT is important) utterly oblivious to the fact that one day our children will look for photographs of US.

So - between us- lets make sure they have something to find

You never know what to wear for a portrait sitting so grab that Long Dress that's hanging in the back of the wardrobe that you never get a chance to wear (Don't worry if it's tight! WE all know we ALL need to loose half a stone!! I only need the front of it so I'll pin the back for you. No one will EVER know there was a 3" gap where the zip wouldn't do up!)   

Or lets have a chat. I have a wardrobe FULL of dresses and you can choose whatever you would love!

Better still - I will dress the Little People for you. You don't even have to THINK about that bit!!! The same wardrobe is full of Little Boys Waistcoats and Black Ties and Little Girls Princess Dresses.

All you have to do is get them in the car and bring them here! You don't even need to park! The studio is at home and home is on a farm. You can abandon your vehicle right outside and just herd them up the stairs!

Untitled photo

But if long dresses and waistcoats just isn't 'YOU' - come in jeans and boots!! 

Mummies are 'Mummies' whatever they wear and whatever their age!!

Untitled photo


Your session fee is £395 and this includes:-

As much help as you need beforehand organising everyone and deciding what to wear

Full use of my wardrobe

And your 'unlimited time' session in the studio to give you time to chill and relax!

Afterwards your ENTIRE session fee is converted to a £395 Collection Credit to put towards your collection of choice



A collection of five portraits as social media digital files for saving and for sharing with the world.

Your absolute favourite as a Fine Art print presented in the Annie Bee 10x8 Folio Frame


A digital collection of ALL of the images from your session sized for Social Media

The Annie Bee 10 x 8 Folio frame with a boxed collection of six Fine Art prints - all sized to fit beautifully. 


A digital collection of ALL of the images from your session as full size, high resolution digital files with a full print licence.

Your choice of :-

A 16x20 wall Deep Framed Canvas for the wall


The Italian Leather keepsake folio box containing your choice 10 images as Fine Art prints.

Untitled photo


Just pop over to the Annie Bee Diary - choose a date - and get yourself booked in. It's as simple as that!!! Simply click HERE to check availability and to find out what works best for you!

Or - if you want to have a chat first just tell me when you are free and I'll give you a call -  LETS CHAT

Ten years from now you'll be really glad you did (or really wish you had!) 

Annie xx

PS This session makes an absolutely BEAUTIFUL gift! And it even comes WITH FLOWERS!!

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