Maternity With Annie Bee


"Even before we are born The Goddess is within us

Like a tiny seed just waiting for us to call her

so that she can spring forth and blossom"

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Girls. This is a BEAUTIFUL session to remember - in years to come - a most magical and special time in your life. Don't dismiss having a Maternity Session. It is one session you can never go back and do if you change your mind!

On the day expect to be with me for around an hour to an hour and a half during which time we will produce a gallery of approximately 15 beautifully  finished portraits. Multiple outfit changes and professional hair and make-up if required *

The perfect session if Daddy is joining us. Or if we have Little People too!

This is also the session if you are feeling brave and would like beautifully lit, semi-naked and classically timeless images to treasure.

Prior to your session we will have a chat about what to wear (or how much you WON'T be wearing!)Don't get stressed on either account -  I have a lovely collection of Maternity Dresses for you to wear, some with matching outfits for Little People.And - if you don't want to wear anything - well that's just fine too! I absolutely won't make you do anything that you are uncomfortable with.And don't forget - I'm a Mum too! However you are feeling, I've already felt it! Just remember that these are precious times. No money in the world will take you back to where you are now. Treasure this moment.You are the Goddess.


Booking either your Maternity costs £200. This includes:-

All the time we need before your session to discuss lovely stuff like who you are bringing and what you will wear.

Complimentary use of my entire wardrobe of dresses and Little Peoples outfits if required.

An hour in the studio to create a beautiful set of around 15 portraits from which you can choose your favourites.

Your Choosing and Ordering Session two weeks later.

AND a Print Credit for £200 to put towards those things you choose! (so ....yes... your session is effectively for free. You get your entire £200 back to spend on Lovely Things!)

What you spend is entirely up to you. Some clients spend £200. And then others spend £2000. You simply can't make that decision until you actually SEE your finished portraits and we're not even going to suggest you try. Wait until you've seen your beautifully edited finished gallery and then feel free to choose individual portraits from the Annie Bee A La Carte Menu or choose a Collection. No pressure. No Hard-Sell. We just want you to love and treasure your images in whatever way suits YOU and your home.


please note that any image purchased will include the matching digital file.

Fine Art Prints 7x5 mounted at 10x8 - £99

10x8 mounted at 11x14 - £109

Duplicate Copies as Gifts, supplied beautifully boxed and tied with ribbon - 50% discount

For The Wall

Any Size of Your choice up to 16x20 - £149

Any Size Of Your Choice above 16x20 - £169

Wall Art

Any Finish - Acrylic, Canvas, Aluminium, or traditionally framed behind glass

18x12 - £299

24x16 - £399

30x20 - £499

40x30 -£599



A Collection of 10 Matted Fine Art Prints matted at 8x10

A complimentary Italian Memory Box designed to your specifications - the perfect home for your Collection.

Two Wall Sized Fine Art Prints in sizes of your choice for your Gallery Wall All of the full size, high resolution digital files from your session

A £150 Gift Voucher Towards Your Newborn Shoot


A Collection of your 6 Favourite Images 5 as Fine Art prints mounted at 10x8 complete with The Annie Bee Folio Frame allowing you to display and easily change your image of choice (£99 if purchased separately)

Your absolute favourite as a Wall Sized Print in a Size of your choice up to 16x20

The 6 matching digital files plus another 4 of your choice

A £100 Gift Voucher Towards Your Newborn Shoot


A Collection of your 3 favourite images 2 Matted at 10x8 and 1 matted at 11x16

The 3 matching digital files

A £50 Gift Voucher towards your Newborn Shoot

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1. Check availability of sessions HERE. Ideally we need to do your maternity session between 28 and 36 weeks pick a date that works!

2. We'll have a chat to find out what you would love to do. What you would love to wear. Colours....that sort of thing!

3. Just turn up on the day and we'll make the magic happen!

If you're not quite ready to book lets just have a chat. Call me on 01604 770013. 

Or - if you're not quite far enough into your pregnancy yet to do this - why not become an Annie Bee VIP and spread the cost of your session (and perhaps your newborn session) . A regular payment of £49 per month helps spread the cost (ideal if you are about to go on Maternity Leave), gives you priority booking and some freebies!!

    Find out more HERE

Because it really IS all about you!