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Newborn Sessions - Because they are only so tiny for such a short time.

Newborn Photography in Northamptonshire

What To Expect and Things To Consider

Ideally baby should be photographed within the first ten days.  Although it probably won't feel like it (!) this is when they are at their sleepiest - allowing us to capture those first properly curled up, sleepy moments. As such, Newborn Sessions need to be booked well in advance. Give me a call so that I can pencil your Due Date into the diary and reserve your studio session.

When Baby arrives you then simply drop me a line to let me know and we can finalise a date and time.

For beautiful images Baby ideally needs to be fast asleep. Try to feed just before leaving home so that he arrives with a full tummy. Also, if possible, dress him in a front opening baby gro with no vest (to minimise the chances of waking him when we undress him)

Expect to be with me for up to three hours so come prepared (feeds, changing bag etc etc) and don't be surprised if we take no photographs at ALL in the first hour. It can take that long to get baby undressed and settled again. For Mummy and Daddy there is a comfy sofa, ad lib tea, coffee and biscuits and the chance to chill for a few hours whilst I look after baby.

Because Baby will be undressed and nappy-free you need to be aware that:-

a) Baby will wee and poo ....usually all over me and/or my backdrops! Do not panic, worry or stress. This is absolutely normal. Nothing I will be using is not washable - indeed, everything I use is washed between every session anyway - regardless.

b) the studio will be warm (as in 75-80 degrees warm!) Dress accordingly - especially Daddies who usually find the heat unbearable!

These are precious early days so please do not totally dismiss having a photograph taken with Baby just because you feel that you are beyond exhausted. You will never have this chance again. Even if you are 'not sure' can I suggest that both Mummy and Daddy bring something black to wear just in case I can persuade you!

Three hours in a hot studio is not the ideal place for older siblings. I will be delighted to photograph your new addition with older brothers and sisters but we need to plan the session so that it is fun for them too. Please let me know if we will be having Littlies join us.

Your Investment

Your sitting fee is just £75 and is payable at the time of booking as this secures your date. However, for a combined sitting fee of £100 we can include a mini-maternity session too.

 Your Maternity Session is ideally done up to six weeks before your due date. This will give you approximately 12 additional images in your final portfolio choice and will be included in your collection after your newborn session.

From approximately 20 beautifully edited newborn images (plus 12 maternity images if you have taken that option) simply choose the Collection that suits you the best:-


Five Matt Mounted Fine Art prints of your choice

The same five images as full size,  high resolution digital files with full print release


Ten beautiful Fine Art Prints of your choice presented in the Legacy Portfolio.

The same images as full size, high resolution digital files



Twenty beautiful Fine Art Prints of your choice presented in the Legacy Portfolio

All of the full size, high resolution digital files from your sitting

Your chosen images will be accompanied by the digital file which will be available direct from your album on the AWP website. From here you can download and save your full size, high resolution digital images to any device that you choose.

And, as there is no limit on the number of downloads, you can give the access password to Grandparents, Godparents, Relatives and Friends  allowing them to do exactly the same. 

Your images come with a full print licence allowing you to both print and publish your images to Social Media with no watermarking . As you are purchasing the digital images with printing rights you can have your images printed absolutely anywhere. However included as standard with all collections is an online print service allowing you and your family access to professional prints at a discounted rate.

The bespoke 'Fine Art' collection is also available via the studio with Wall Art starting at £180

And your gallery of chosen images will stay available for a whole twelve months (so if you need something in a panic for Granny for Christmas - it's all nice and easy!)

If you want to know more just pick up the phone - 01604 770013 - and give me a call. Or drop me a line - anne@anneworle.co.uk.

Am not some scary, pushy hard-sell guru! You will not end up booking a session just because you have spoken to me.....I promise!! I'm just a Mum too - and I know exactly how precious and magical and special this stage of your life is.

I also know that it is gone in the blink of an eye.

If you only take one thing away from reading this......  let it be this:-

There are just 940 Saturdays between your child being born and their 18th Birthday

And by the time they are 5 

260 of them will be gone.

Capture it!

PURE from Anne Worle Photography

“A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity. It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path"