The 'Business' versions of the iconic Annie Bee 'STORY OF US' sessions!

People buy people. It is a fact. Your customers want to see YOU. They want to see the people who make your business YOU!

Never has this been more important. In this digital age where your customers are 'scrolling' for entertainment as well as education you need your content to be engaging.  You need to stop them in their tracks. You need to tell a story.

Because stories are what - as a species - we engage with and remember:-

“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” ― Philip Pullman

Three hours on location with you , your family (Family Businesses and Mumpreneurs - when did you last get time to have family photos?!) ,  your staff and your place of work will give you an entire library of fully edited images on which to draw for advertising, brochures, leaflets, blogging, social media, websites etc etc. and will give you the material to tell your 'stories' and engage with your clients and/or followers.


Or why not think outside the box. Photograph your CUSTOMERS. Tell their stories. Show how what you do links your entire TRIBE together.

Untitled photo
Untitled photo
Untitled photo

And what an amazing gift at the end of the year for your best clients. Or for sponsors. 

Forget the usual 'Corporate Gift'. Put those images of them and theirs in a beautiful Story Telling album as a gift - a 'Thank -You' for being a part of your team. Or have their favourite framed for the wall. Both will last a lifetime and beyond - which is more than can ever be said for that bottle of whiskey you usually send!

Additional coverage can be added at an hourly rate. So don't ever discount a whole 'Day In The Life' session - especially if you are a business 'on call'.

If you have amazing things happening at midnight - tell that story. That is world that people can only imagine.....and that is always the basis for the most memorable of tales!

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Calf being delivered at 11.45pm, on-farm,  by Emergency C-Section. Image for Towcester Farm Vets

Images will be supplied as full size, high resolution edited files with a full commercial licence allowing you to use them for everything including Social Media and Blogging. Your Commercial Licence will include worldwide usage rights enabling you to use them for flyers, brochures and advertising, both nationally and internationally.

Additional coverage can be booked at £120/hour

Travel Time and Mileage will be based on  0.85ppm from NN6 8DS (but just talk to me for a bespoke quote)

And there is a 30% Surcharge for coverage of events that finish after 6.30pm

Additional assistance is available if required for advertising layouts and social media platforms. Just ask!

Or why not consider 'The Marketing Plan'* . For a monthly fee of just £95 you will be free to book TWO  sessions a year ..... not only enabling you to easily spread your marketing budget but ensuring that you can properly tell your story - either as the seasons change or your business grows.

And as all stories need a book.... your Marketing Plan will come with a Yearly Album to display in your Reception Area. Or your Staff Room. Or to keep on the shelf at home. So that you will always be able to say:-



If there is one thing I know having been in business myself for more than 30 years it is that there are not enough hours in the day!

If you've got to here and are now wondering if this is for you then lets have a chat.

Feel free to call right now on  01604 770013


If it's quarter to midnight (because this is the only 5 minutes you've found in the entire day) then simply schedule a time that suits YOU HERE and I'll be in touch.

Alternatively get  booked in! Feel free to pop yourself in my diary on a day that works for you and YOUR staff. You can check availability HERE and as soon as I have your booking I'll get in touch and we can hatch a plan!

Or pop over to THE MARKETING PLAN and get signed up to start spreading the cost (and to take the pressure off - because NOW  getting all that lovely advertising material is MY job, not yours, and I will make it all happen!)

Running a business is hard. Lets make this bit of it easy!

* Marketing Plans can be tailored absolutely to your needs. You may want monthly sessions because you are in the process of building your dream premises and want to tell THAT story. Or you may need 'ad-hoc' sessions as new customers or projects or products come on board. Just ask. Please note that Marketing Plan prices do not include travel costs. These are invoiced separately depending on where in the world you want me to go!