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Do you sometimes look at your family and can't believe where the time is going?

I know that sometimes it seems as if the DAYS are super slow as you try to juggle it all. But the years just march by and suddenly we are all guilty of realising how much of it has gone.

A family portrait every year? How lovely would that be (have been!) So why not just capture a little moment of it RIGHT NOW! Before they all change that little bit more.

Booking your studio mini session is easy. We decide what you want. And then we put you in the diary! It really IS as simple as that!

And if organising the men in your life is more difficult than organising the kids just come on your own with them. Or with your Mum. Our HIS Mum! Or both.

Lets get you ....and them..... photographed with the people you love FOR the people you love.

You will never get this time back.


Booking the studio costs £195.

This includes:-

All the time we need before your session to discuss lovely stuff  like who you are bringing and what you will wear.

Complimentary use of my entire wardrobe of dresses and Little Peoples outfits if required.

Your session in the studio (expect to be with me for around 40 minutes)  to create a beautiful little collection of portraits.

Your absolute favourite as a Fine Art print in a size of your choice (Yes....really! We produce portraits here at Annie Bee. We do not sell paper. If you want your chosen image at 6x4 to put in a frame on your bedside table then that is fine! If you want it at 16x24 to put in a frame in pride of place in your living room.....than that is fine too!)

And - because we know already that you will 'Want Them All' - then you will get just that. Absolutely every portrait we create between us on the day will come to you as a Digital Collection sized for storing and sharing*

* Please note that Social Media files will be sized exclusively for  sharing on either Facebook or Instagram. They are not suitable for printing. 

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What Do I Do Now?

1. Check session availability or book HERE..

2. Decide what you would love and who you would love to be photographed WITH and let me know when I call.

3. Arrive with everyone on the day and have a ball!

Not quite ready to book and want to ask some questions?

Just give me a call - 01604 770013

But if now is not a good time to chat then lets simply book some talk time. Just let me know when suits HERE

Because it really IS all about you!

Annie Bee xx

PS Love to do this but not sure it is quite the right time?

Make sure you don't miss out on anything lovely happening or on any super special offers or limited edition sessions by joining the VIP MAILING LIST.

See you soon!!