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*Sessions are for a maximum of two people and are available on weekdays only. However -keep reading as nothing at Annie Bee is ever set in stone!

We all know how it is. Suddenly ANOTHER year has gone by and we haven't done half the things we planned to do.

Lets face it - life is frantic.  Even on a good day it feels that you are on a treadmill with a million and one things to do, sort and organise and not enough hours in the day let alone days in the week.

So the mere thought of booking a portrait sitting and having to get everyone clean/dressed/organised and there on time just sends your head spinning down that vortex marked 'Not a Chance' and sends your right hand reaching for the Gin.

But we ALL should have that one proper portrait every year. Just a little memento of us - or them - to keep. A record of our wonderful life. The Story of Us.

The Annie Bee Beautifully Brief Mini Sessions let you do just that. Just a little, dinky session outside somewhere lovely. Or here in the studio. Maybe on their birthday? Or YOUR birthday?

Maybe just a precious 'Mama and Me' photo to stand out in among all those selfies you have to take (coz lets face it girls.....Dad's never capture the moment!) 

Or just you two as a couple because you haven't had a photo together since your Wedding Day! Come to me and then go for a drink at my local pub! Perfect!!

All minimum stress - just wear what you want because 'This Is You'. Zero planning. Zero preparation. And a multitude of memories!


Everything - except maybe a little bit of travel costs if I'm coming to you.

We will spend 30 minutes in a location of your choice - or here in the fields around the Annie Bee studio - to produce TEN  beautifully natural portraits.  After your session these will be hand finished in the bespoke Annie Bee style

After you session tell me which is your favourite. Decide on a size (you choose, not me. Here at Annie Bee we create images - we don't sell paper!)  and then that favourite will come to you as a Fine Art print, rolled and ready to frame yourself.

And the rest? Well they will come to you as digital negatives, sized for social media, to share with the world!

And because Mini Sessions at Annie Bee are no different to full sessions - you still have all the Lovely Things available on the A La Carte menu. So - if you wish to add to your Collection you can. There is absolutely no minimum order requirement and your images stay available for 12 months to make sure you do not feel under pressure and to give you plenty of time! It also means you have a pre-made list of goodies for Birthday and Christmas presents!! How easy is THAT!

Additional Fine Art Prints (for you or as Gifts) - £35

Memory Boxes start at £295

Wall Art starts at £295


Simply choose your day and preferred time in the Annie Bee Diary. These little sessions are super after school ..... we can even do them in that park they always want to go to! Or just pick them up and drive to me! You are more than welcome to get changed here and we'll have some snacks ready and waiting to keep the munchies at bay!

For Big People these sessions are also great after work. Come on GIRLS.....you know you can do it! When were you last photographed with the people YOU love? How about your Mum? Or your Besties? How much fun would THAT be!  Evening sessions are often amazing - the light is always beautiful and we might even get a sunset.

And you can then go for a drink ...... just saying ;)


I can't wait to see you - Annie x

*More of you?? Then pop over to FAMILY SESSIONS WITH ANNIE BEE

However - if there are ten of you but you know that just six images will be absolutely fine as you know EXACTLY what  you want (perhaps just one group shot for the front of this years Christmas card!) then still feel free to book. Just let me know beforehand what we need  to achieve and who is coming!

And if weekdays REALLY don't work give me a call or drop me a line. Depending on availability I may be able to offer you an alternative day. Just talk to me and let me know what you have in mind.


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