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There are only three things you need to know about family photos:-

1. You should have a blast having it taken (because this is what you will remember every time you look at it)

2. You should ALL be in it (which, in fairness, is why you are probably booking me in the first place)

3. It should be printed. Because this is the only way it will survive the ravages of technological change and you will still be able to look at it in 30 years time

So, to help you achieve these three seemingly impossible missions we have three corresponding policies here at Annie Bee:-

Firstly " Zero Stress " sessions with NO time restraints and NO rigid posing rules. If the kids/dogs/both need to run around for the first hour to let off steam - that's fine with me. If we've got 90 year old grandparents joining us and need to be super quick - that's fine with me too.

Secondly  as much help as you need BEFORE your session getting everyone in the right zone not to mention the right clothes.

Or, if the latter is just TOTALLY a step too far..... we do everything in Black and White.

Honestly....we really do!

I'm a Mum/Wife/Daughter/Stressed-With-Life/Real Human Being too. I know what this can be like to try to organise.

Dad probably wants to be somewhere else. The teenagers can think of NOTHING worse. You've got elderly parents and you're wondering if they're even physically up to it. And then you look at the washing and wonder if you can even get everyone in CLEAN clothes at the same time and on the same day, let alone in co-ordinating ones.

And then you look in the mirror....and wonder if you SHOULD loose that half a stone first after all?

And then you just give up - because there is just TOO much to think about.

And another year rolls by.

Don't worry - I SO get it!!!

Just DO it!  Get booked in and it'll be a hundred times easier than you think! Just choose somewhere lovely. And that can be whatever works for YOU. It can be the park. The garden. Grannys Garden.  Grannys garden in her nursing home. Your caravan in Wales. Your holiday home in Scotland. (Or your private island in the Bahamas. PLEASE book me to come to the Bahamas.........).

Or come to me. We farm at home and I can guarantee I can find a lovely spot.

And never dismiss the pub. If you've booked a family meal for something lovely - I'll meet you there. We'll just do something super special before you eat. It hardly gets any easier than that (AND they can all have a drink afterwards. AND you don't have to cook).

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Whatever you choose afterwards you will get at least one Fine Art Print.

And because here at Annie Bee we sell IMAGES and not PAPER -  it doesn't matter whether you have that print at 6x4 to put in a frame on your bedside table or at 16x24 to put in a frame over the fireplace.

You just tell us what you would love....and we will deliver. No confusing choices need making on sizes and packages.  Because - just for once -  size really doesn't matter!

Your Session is just £99 to book and then you get your entire £99 back AFTER your session to put towards Lovely Things.

The Family Collections


A Digital Collection of all 25 images taken on the day as Full Size, High Resolution Digital Files

Your Favourite FIVE as a Collection of Fine Art prints in sizes of your choice.

A Video Montage set to music.

A £100 Gift Voucher to put towards Wall Art


A Digital Collection of your favourite 12 images

Your favourite THREE as a Collection of Fine Art prints in sizes of your choice

A £50 Gift Voucher to put toward Wall Art


A Digital Collection of your favourite 3 images

Choose your favourite as a Fine Art Print in a size of your choice

PS 'A Size Of Your Choice' ....... get your frame first!! We can then make sure your Fine Art print fits EXACTLY!

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1. If this all sounds horribly overwhelming - call and have a chat, 01604 770013, and tell me what terrifies you.

If it's 11am and the answering machine kicks in, I'm in the studio - leave a message and I'll call you straight back as soon as I'm free.

It it's 11pm and I'm in bed (but this is the first chance you've had all day to read anything) just click HERE and tell me when you're around and I'll call you back when you've got time to talk.

2. It this all sounds amazing and you can't wait - just pop over to the ANNIE BEE DIARY and book your date. Your £99 booking fee will secure the whole day just for you and will come back to you after your session - in full -  to put towards whichever Collection you choose.

Once you're booked in I'll give you a call and we can start planning something AMAZING!

3. If this all sounds amazing and this is DEFINATELY something you're going to do eventually but aren't quite ready to book then why not join the Annie Bee VIP's. All VIP's can pay for sessions by subscription. Just pop over to ANNIE BEE GIFT VOUCHERS & SUBSCRIPTIONS and check out the Family Portrait Plan.

And I can't wait to meet you!

Annie x

PS You do NOT need to loose half a stone. I can make you loose that just by the way I make you stand! Trust me....my reputation as a witch is not without foundation ;)