A lovely mini introduction into the world of Fine Art portraits especially designed for Mini People!

Beautifully styled and traditionally lit in the style of the 'Old Masters' - these are the 'classic' portraits that will stand the test of time in a world of snapshots and selfies. These are the images that will still have a place on the walls of your family home decades - if not generations -  from now.

However - as I am sure you don't need me to tell you - the attention spans of your Little Person (not to mention their pet!) can be somewhat limited at times!

       So we keep this session quite short to make the most of that brief window of pure adorability!



Your Fine Art Mini Session costs £295.

Your session typically takes around an hour depending on the age of your child and their pet.

Or pets! Feel free to challenge me!!

13 year olds tend to have longer attention spans than 3 year olds and puppies tend to be more of a challenge than a rabbit!

But there is NO pressure. I only ever do one session a day and, if we need to have a break and a run around, then that is absolutely fine!

During this time we will produce up to eight beautifully classical portraits of your child and  their pet. After your session these will be hand finished in the bespoke Annie Bee style.

Your session fee INCLUDES your three favourite images as digital files (Sized for sharing and for printing up to 7x5)  and a beautifully Matted Fine Art print, double mounted at 12 x 16" and ready for you to drop into your own frame and hang on your wall.

Additional images - if required - can be purchased entirely A La Carte with no minimum purchase. Fine art prints start at £45 and your gallery of images will stay available for a full 18 months.

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And, just so you know, the Annie Bee studio is TOTALLY pet friendly. Indeed - photographing pets is a bit of an Annie Bee 'thing' and has seen her win East Midland Pet Portrait Photographer of the Year more than once!

So long as they will fit up the stairs to the studio then absolutely ANY pet is fine!!

Ponies won't fit up the stairs. We do those somewhere else. But just ask!

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1. Just like any Annie Bee Session we start with a chat. This is all about YOU!!  Give me a call on 01604 770013 or book some TIME TO TALK.

2 If you want to reserve a date because this is for something special then you can do so straight away in THE ANNIE BEE DIARY

Or - if you would like to spread the cost - check out the Annie Bee Portrait Plans. You might only be 5 months away from beautiful portraits!

3. Arrive on the day and let's make some magic!!

You know they're worth it.