Amy and Tom and The Big Red Bus - Anne Worle Photography

Sometimes Brides get SO stressed about their weddings that you want to cry.

Amy was NOT one of these brides. Amy was right up there in the top 10 of the most chilled out brides ever.

However - when asked how she was arriving at the venue - I would challenge even the most hardened wedding photographer not to raise an eyebrow when told...... 'on the bus'.

On the BUS!! This was surely taking chilled out to a whole new level!

But Amy meant on THE  bus - the Big, Red Wedding Bus. With all the guests. Amazing! You just knew there and then that this was going to be a fun wedding!

So, after a morning spent with the boys, attempting to drag the Groom

and the two Best Men away from their bacon sandwiches

to take some serious  photographs -

- and failing -

- we set off in a taxi.

And I have never seen a Groom go so white so quickly as when - through the rear view window - we suddenly spotted The Big Red Bus

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Frantic calls ensued from said taxi to slightly 'merry' guests aboard the bus trying to convince them that - no, it wasn't a joke - we REALLY were just two cars in front. The Big Red Bus had to do a detour, or drive round the block or something.

And the taxi driver put his foot down, jumped every set of lights, and the photographer had no chance to take any more shots through the rear view window as we all held on for dear life.

But all was well - we got there first and she arrived, as promised, on the bus 

Looking so happy, and radiant and beautiful that

she actually made the photographer cry

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And - as suspected - it WAS a really fun wedding.

Although we did continue to struggle all day with the whole 'serious photo' thingy!

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