A few weeks ago someone very kindly came up to me and told me that she LOVED my photographs of children.

That she would love me to photograph HER children


".....I just wouldn't be able to get them to behave like the sort of children you normally photograph"

(Cue photographer collapsing in fits of laughter in front of prospective client!)


There are a couple of things you really need to understand about taking your children to a professional photographer:-

Firstly - we know what we are doing, what we are letting ourselves in for and what to expect.

Admittedly there are some photographers who work with children and there are some photographers who don't - but this will be obvious fairly quickly.

Those of us who DO - those of us who proudly boast 'Child Proof Studio' -    have all our lights weighed down with sandbags, anything that moves gaffer-taped to the floor and possibly account for 90% of all Chocolate Buttons and Haribo's (aka bribes) purchased in the UK.

"Child Photographer" is not a statement of fact. When you see this on a website this is a BOAST ....an accolade to the fact we are more resilient  than our colleagues who photograph landscapes.....

Untitled photo

Have more patience than our colleagues who photograph wildlife

Untitled photo

and are generally not known to leg it when it all starts kicking off 

Untitled photo

Secondly you need to understand that the beautiful image of that child which you have been staring at on that Website, or Facebook page, or Instagram feed is probably the FINAL image.......of many!

Blood, sweat, tears and copious amounts of Chocolate Buttons will have been required to capture it.

The child you are looking at is no different to yours! 

Your child too WILL look like that (eventually!)

So - forget this:-

Untitled photo

If you want to see PROPERLY ingenious in action - booking now for Half Term!


Untitled photo

Some of us work with  children AND animals.......together! On the same day! In the same session!

Get us!!!

Now booking for Half Term. To request a brochure click here

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