Maternity Photographs.

Usually we do them at around 30 weeks because then your bump is lovely and round and - more importantly - you are not too shattered to stand in front of a camera.

Lou's we did at 20 weeks because she was SO excited, SO amazed......

Untitled photo

And  probably justifiably so!!! 

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However, with the babies due on the 10th November the plan was to do another maternity session a little closer to the 30 week mark in early September. We had it all planned. Even a colour scheme. And yours truly had purchased REAMS of yellow chiffon ready for the big event!

Lou was to subsequently cancel that Maternity Sitting.

And the Newborn sitting planned for November.

Instead, in early September, her photographer found herself heading north on the M1 for two hours -  camera bags stashed in the boot of the car - for a newborn sitting that none of us had anticipated.

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Twins - Zena and Harry - had decided that the world outside was far too exciting and, ten weeks earlier than expected, had weighed themselves in on Planet Earth at 2lb 7oz and 3lb 3oz respectively.

With no twin paediatric intensive care beds available anywhere in Northamptonshire Mummy Lou had been rushed to Stoke on Trent - some 2 hours north   - and that was where I found all three of them.

For a newborn session like no other.

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Born on the 2nd September 2016 these two little fighters were eventually bundled into car seats and taken home some six weeks later, tipping the scales at a massive 4lb!!!

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(photo courtesy of Zena and Harry's Mummy and Daddy)

12 months later, on 2nd September 2017, it was my absolute honour to have these two adorable little miracles in the studio on their First Birthday for a Birthday Portrait with their equally adorable Mummy.

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What a difference a year makes!

For details of Maternity, Newborn and First Birthday Portrait Sessions (including Cakes Smashes) just drop me a line hereand ask for a brochure.

Should you - or anyone you know - find themselves on Paediatric Intensive Care in similar circumstances - do not feel that you have to dismiss the idea of having professional photographs taken.

These are precious times and no one will be more aware of this than the dedicated teams you find on PICU's around the country.

In my experience, both on private sessions such as this and with my work as a photographer with the Butterfly Wishes Network , PICU Staff are unfailingly accommodating to professional photographers. Please don't be afraid to ask!


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