Notes on Getting Old

‘It is not birthdays that make you old my dear. It is the children that make you old’

A lovely lady called Lily, well into her 90’s, once told me that. And I have been reminded of her these past weeks and have suddenly realised what she meant. It really ISN’T birthdays that make you old. Not even one of those major ‘0’ birthdays a few weeks ago had much impact. I woke up, looked in the mirror, and was still me! Nothing had changed. I hadn’t suddenly aged 10 years overnight. I was about 6.5 hours older than when I got into bed! A miracle!

But what has made me feel old in these past few weeks are the children:-

Tom, on the phone, hearing about a planned trip to London, casually suggesting a lovely place to eat near Covent Garden. What the…….! What exactly does my Tom know about eating out in London!! What does my Tom know about eating out – full stop!!

This was a child weaned on my cooking……

….in which he has always shown a spectacular disinterest.

What can he know about smart eating places in the capital?!!

(Can I just say….. having your child suggest posh restaurants in London makes you feel old.)

But it is the other ‘children’ in our lives that make us old too:-

My Goddaughter having a 23rd Birthday.

Friends coming round for a BBQ and, as you find yourself chasing round the kitchen looking for orange squash for their son, you realise he is leaning against your fridge with a beer in his hand!

But nothing makes you feel as old your best friends beautiful baby……. having a baby.

Lily was right.

It is the Children that you have to watch out for…..not the birthdays!!