I get to photograph a lot of Princesses - Newborn Princesses, Pre-School Princesses, Princesses on their Wedding Days.

And - with every Princess Shoot - there is a common worry. Hair. Be it Mum chasing round with a hairbrush attempting to keep wayward three-year old curls in place or a bride whispering anxiously 'does my hair look alright?', you can guarantee hair will feature somewhere!

Regardless of culture or religion - our hair is hugely important. It is the stuff of fairy tale and legend - Rapunzel, The Goose Girl, Lady Godiva. We all know that Snow White had 'hair as black as ebony'  but that an invitation to a fancy dress party as Cinderella would send us scurrying for a blonde wig with a blue alice band! 

A potent symbol of femininity, us girls have a deep personal relationship with our hair. Self esteem will be boosted when it is our 'crowning glory' ...... shattered into a thousand pieces on a 'bad hair day'. Even the Bible has something to say about it - ' but for a woman, if her hair is abundant, it is a glory to her'   

Without doubt - our hair is a reflection of our identity.

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Something I guess hair stylist and salon owner, Kelly Fisher, already knows!!

And if anyone has 'abundant hair that is a glory to her', then it is surely Kelly. 

30 inches of abundant glory to be precise.

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And when your hair is this long it is kind-of a big deal to have it cut short.

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To have it drawn back into a tight plait.

To feel the scissors at the back of your neck, struggling to handle the glorious thickness of your tresses

To take that first look in the mirror........

wondering if you've done the right thing

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But Kelly didn't do this because she 'fancied a change' 

Kelly wasn't 'bored' with her long hair. Indeed her own words - which I stumbled across completely by accident one evening - stopped me dead in my tracks :-

My hair means everything to me...... but it will mean more to a child who has lost theirs.

Kelly did this so that her hair could be made into a wig for a little princess somewhere else - a child who has lost her own hair through cancer treatment

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And I think that is amazing!!!


Kellys 'Just Giving' page is still available at 


Information about the Little Princess Trust can be found at