We all have a story to tell. 

Where will YOUR family stories be 60 years from now? Your phone will be relegated to the chapters of history. Hard drives will have gone . The 'clouds' will have vanished.                            

And - Mummies - are you even IN your own stories? Or are you always the one holding the phone or behind the camera?   One day your children will look for photos of you ....what will they have? Do you actually EXIST in your own family photos?

These sessions are born from three very personal and deep rooted emotions:-

1. a very real fear that we are no longer recording history for the next generations

2. a passion for documentary 'story-telling' photography and

3. the very sad realisation that I do not exist in the stories of my own life: the dogs I loved. The horses I owned. My son growing up.

I was always the "Mama With The Camera". 1000's of images - so few of us together. So few of ME! And how I long to go back in time and hand the camera to someone else and just say 'Can you take one of US?'.

So every 'Story of Us' session comes with absolutely every image taken on the day. And a beautiful Italian album.... for YOU to enjoy today and a part of your legacy for THEIR future.


NB Also available to book for smaller weddings or 'Minimonies'. And elopements!

The Story of Us Session - £795

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Two and a Half hours of 'life' recorded for all time.

Forget the panic of trying to get everyone to a studio. Forget dressing up and 'making an effort'. Lets just record it as it happens! There is nothing as simple to organise as this type of session.

This is the perfect session for Mama's at home with new babies - the cuddles. The quiet times. The feeding. The new nursery. All the little details - from tiny fingers clasped around yours to the Congratulations cards on the mantlepiece.

Or for grown up Little People - those summer days in the garden. Or the park. Those first steps. Or first bikes. Or just a long lazy afternoon with the paddling pool in the garden (and a hose! Give them a hose.....and, trust me on this, the magic will happen!)

Or when all of the family are home for a rare weekend and you're all going for a walk after lunch?

A visit to Grandma? Oh....How I WISH I had photos of my Grandma's house. I remember it SO well from those hazy days of childhood and I LOVED being there. Just ask me to meet you there.

The Childrens Birthday party?   Jelly. Ice-Cream. Cakes and Mayhem. 

YOUR birthday party?! Prosecco. Nibbles. Friends and Mayhem!

With you and your horses - just doing what makes you YOU.

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This is the perfect session  for Mama's with stories to tell of a life juggling ballet lessons, and music lessons, and football practice and Little People and New Puppies! Mama's that are never in the photographs themselves. Mama's who will only realise that when they have time to catch their breath and look back.

This is the session that makes a beautiful gift.

After your session you will receive:-

 A beautiful - and totally bespoke -  30 page 'Story of Us' album printed and bound in your choice of fabric by the masters of printing - Graphistudio in Italy.

An online sharing gallery for family and friends,

A video of highlights to share with the world.

All* of the images from your session as full size, high resolution digital files

A gallery wall collection of THREE Wall Sized Fine Art prints in a sizes of your choice.

To check availability or to book just pop over to the ANNIE BEE DIARY

Just £99 will secure your session date!


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Five hours of your life.


We can do this at home. Or on holiday. Or wherever you would love.

This is the session for the 'event'. For travelling with you to those horse trials that you eventually qualified for! That marathon that you FINALLY entered. The dog show that you never thought you'd do.

Or just the village fete - getting the ponies ready, the first clear round they EVER did, the celebration ice-cream and then going home, bedding down, rugging up.

And finally bedtime stories with that clear round rosette pinned to the headboard.

Or for the season - the stories of Harvest. Or Christmas. The Stories of Us.

These are the moments you will want to treasure 40 years down the line. These are the moments you wish you had of YOUR great-grandma's life..... to know what it was like. The clothes she wore. The kitchen in which she made your Grannys meals. Your Granny....sitting playing with the toys she had then. The vegetables growing in the garden as they 'Dug For Victory'. The trinkets on the mantelpiece. The minuscule details. The tiny little moments of lives well lived and people well loved.

This will be YOUR legacy for the generations to come.

Afterwards you will receive:-

Your choice images in a 60 page Story Book Album

A collection of FIVE Fine Art Prints for your gallery wall.

A sharing gallery for friends and family.

A video of all of the highlights from your day

A digital collection of every** beautifully edited image taken on the day.

*All and **Every Image - an exact number of images is super difficult to tell you in advance - because it all depends on what you get up to!

From a 'Chapter' Story of Us Session you can expect to receive approximately 100  beautifully edited images

And from the 'Day in The Life' Sessions approximately 300

Mileage is charged at 85p/mile but please let me know what you are thinking and I can give you a more bespoke quotation. Where overnight accommodation is required this will simply be charged at cost. Please note that a 30% surcharge* is applicable for coverage of sessions that finish after 6.30pm! 


1. Make sure I'm available for YOUR day. Pop over to the ANNIE BEE DIARY and check the availability for SESSIONS ON LOCATION.

2. Reserve your date for just £99. If we then chat and you decide it's all not for you after all then this is fully refundable.

No quibble. No drama!

Not quite ready to book? Give me a call - 01604 770013 - and let me know what you're worried about!

Or - if now is not a good time to talk - LETS CHAT! at a time that works for you.

You can tell me all about YOU and what you would love!

Ten years from now you will really be glad you did (or really wish you had).

Annie Bee xxx

Story Telling Reportage images are an Annie Bee speciality, both for weddings AND portraits.

She has been MPA East Midlands Reportage Wedding Photographer of the Year 2018

Lifestyle and Location Portrait Photographer of the Year 2019.

And is currently Reportage Wedding Photographer of the Year 2020.