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Potter For Portraits

These lockdowns are tough for all of us  - and we all know that being outside is great for everyones mental health.

But the weather is RUBBISH in Jan and Feb....so we all need a reason.

Well - HERE IT IS!!! 

Your challenge - should you wish to accept it -  is to wrap them up warm, grab the dog and get outside EVERY SINGLE DAY between now and the 21st Feb! Walk, Run, Potter, Toddle or Cycle   up to 3km a day and earn a Potter Point for every kilometre. At the end of the challenge you will get £1 for every Potter Point to spend on ANY 2021 Annie Bee Portrait Sitting.

So - you've got 44 days with a chance to earn £3 day .....which will give you a voucher when the challenge closes for £132 to put into your Portrait Pot!

To record your k's you will need the Strava app on your phone (totally free) and you will need to join the Annie Bee Challenge Page.  Just go to Potter For Portraits and ask to take part.



1. Challenge is only open to Annie Bee VIP's and ONE VIP Guest

2. Only one Potter Voucher redeemable per portrait session . So Mummy and Daddy VIPS, Mother and Daughter VIPS, Bride and Groom VIPS - both feel free to record your miles individually! You can EACH earn vouchers up to a value of £132.... but can only redeem ONE voucher per session.

3. Potter Vouchers are only redeemable against 2021 Portrait Sessions. They are not redeemable against weddings and cannot be swapped for cash!

4. There is a daily limit of 3km (so if you do nothing all week and then go out on Sunday and run a marathon you still only get 3 Potter Points!)

5. Share your Potter Pickys on Facebook and IG with us all! Use #PotterForPortraits  and tag AnnieBeePortrait (on Facebook) or, for IG,  AnnieBeePeople or AnnieBeePets.

6. Smile. Stay Strong. Stay Sane! And remember....this counts as PE if you're home schooling!!!

Annie xx