A Portrait of Polly

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A Portrait of Polly


Towards the end of last year Pollys Mum phoned.

She told me that they weren’t the kind of family who had a lot a photographs. Photographs just weren’t their ‘thing’. She hadn’t even had a wedding photographer (#sobsquietly)

However – 11 year old Polly was growing up.  Moreover she had just won a music scholarship to Kings High School in Warwick and they had decided that they would just like ‘one image’ to mark this amazing achievement. Was that possible?


Reassured that she would not have to purchase a whole ‘package’ of images just to get her favourite  (because that is not what I do. You can just buy one image if that is what you want!) Pollys Mum sent me some ideas that she had seen and, between us, we hatched a plan.

And the eleven year old Polly arrived.

All ages are beautiful in the eyes of a photographer – but there is something especially special about photographing ‘Tweens’.

  Too old to be children, too young to be teenagers, you start to see through the lens the vision of the adult that has started to emerge from the chrysalis of childhood.

And Polly was just this.




No longer a child – but not yet a woman – Polly had a serenity about her that almost took my breath away.

An old soul – serene, beautiful, other worldly.

Pollys Mum and Dad didn’t just buy their favourite image.


Girl playing trumpetGirl holding trumpet


They bought an entire Legacy Box of Fine Art Prints – to enjoy now. As a legacy for Polly. And as an heirloom for her future generations.

And their absolute favourite is now a large Art Block on the walls of their home



And my beautiful client  – just eleven years old – subsequently sent me a thank you card in the post:

‘I really enjoyed my photoshoot and think the photographs are amazing.

I will treasure them forever’

I cried.

Our children –  they really are our Wonderful World.