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“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.

It knows no law, no pity.

It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path”



This is THE most special and magical of times. And they are only THIS tiny for such a short time!!

Ideally we should be photographing baby in those first ten days. Although it probably won’t feel like it (!) this is when your baby will be at their sleepiest – allowing us to capture those  properly curled up, sleepy moments.

However – if baby is a little older, don’t panic.  Just let me know and we’ll hatch a plan.  Older babies can just be a little bit more alert…… but a little bit of careful planning (and a little bit more cuddle time!) will work wonders.

Sessions are based on ‘photography time’  and range from a half hour session to a full three hours! Shorter sessions are perfect if you are just after some beautiful ‘Mama and Me’ and New Daddy portraits. Longer sessions are perfect if we are included other special people – Siblings, Grandparents, Godparents – or if you would love portraits of Baby on their own in my super safe baskets and props.



Parents and Baby Only


30 minutes of photography

All of your retouched and fully edited digital files sized for social media and sharing

Your absolute favourite as a Fine Art print framed at 16×12

Please note – baby will remain fully dressed and be held throughout this session. If you would love photographs of Baby on his own or would love to bring along siblings and/or Grandparents and Godparents then please book a Full Session as we will need more photography time.




Up to six people, including siblings



60 minutes of photography

All of your retouched and fully edited digital files sized for social media and sharing

Your absolute favourite as a Fine Art print framed at 16×12

Please note – baby will be held by – or carefully posed in the hands of – Parents, Grandparents or Older Siblings throughout this session and beautifully posed on their own in one of my super safe baskets. Baby can be undressed if you would like to capture those chubby little arms and legs and super cute toes!!




A longer studio session to include a variety of images of Baby on their own in my super safe baskets AND props. 


Two hours of photography

All of your retouched and fully edited digital files sized for social media and sharing

Your absolute favourite as a Fine Art print, double mounted and framed at 16×12.



Part of the iconic Annie Bee ‘Story of Us’ Series.

Three hours with you at home capturing every little detail of life with a new baby.  Perfect if you are juggling life and pets and older children and the thought of getting everyone to a photography studio is sending you spiralling down a rabbit hole of despair.  Just let me come to you. No stress. No worry. Don’t even THINK about tidying up!! This is a ‘Life in the Raw’ session and one day you will love to look back to see how it REALLY was! You can read more about this type of session on THE BEE BLOG

This is also the beloved session of Instagrammer-Mummies as you can expect to receive more than 100 beautifully toned and edited images from this session which will all be yours to keep.

And what if  your new Little Person just couldn’t wait to meet you and decided to put in an appearance on Planet Earth a little earlier than expected?

Never think you have to discount those precious new-born moments just because you are doing a stint on SCBU. Over the last 35 years I have had the honour of doing these sessions in hospitals all across the country. I have yet to find a nursing team less than amazingly understanding and accommodating of a photographer on the ward!




Three hours of photography

Every image from the day (c.100) as fully edited and retouched digital files

Your favourite image as a Fine Art print double mounted and framed at 16×12

And as every story needs a book this session will also come with a beautifully laid out 20 page keepsake album

Travel time and Mileage Costs will be added to this session fee at 85ppm from NN6. For an accurate quote just drop me a line and tell me where about in the world you are!


Will I get all of my digital files?
YES. I do not want to produce all of these beautiful images for you to walk away with just one! And I don’t want to make you ‘choose’ and then have the heartbreak of walking away leaving beautiful images on the table just to have me destroy all of my own hard work. I want you to have every image that we have created between us.
Why are my digital files sized for social media and not for printing?
Two reasons:-
1. Modern professional cameras produce HUGE files. The portraits I am creating for you are of a quality that would allow me to have them printed HUGE and displayed on billboards all across London!! You do not need files this big stored on your device. Most people want digital files to share with the world on social media, to view on their phones or to share on emails and in blogs and stories. Your digital files will be sized perfectly for all of these purposes.
2. I do not want you printing your own images. And I know that sounds bossy and controlling and is now making you wonder if you should book me at all  – but it’s the truth.  There are very few professional printing laboratories left on the High Street for you to choose or use. So – if you want prints (be it to pop into Grandma’s Christmas card or as a 40″ for the wall) then I want to be in control of that process for you to ensure that you are getting a finished product worthy of your time and the expense you have gone to in booking a professional photographer in the first place.  You do not go to a Michelin Star restaurant , pick up all the ingredients, and then go home and be expected to put your own meal together! You expect the price you have paid to include the chefs expertise, time and attention right to the end of the meal. Booking a professional photographer should be no different and my time and knowledge AFTER your session to get something beautiful onto your walls or into an album or memory box if that is what you decide to do will come as standard.
What is a Fine Art print?  Can I have ‘normal’ prints?
I want you to see how truly BEAUTIFUL those digital files can be when printed properly. And , for me, ‘properly’ does not mean on photographic paper. It means on heavyweight cotton rag using museum quality pigment based inks (no inkjet printers here!). So every single one of my sessions includes your favourite image as a Fine Art print, double mounted, and framed in the Annie Bee  16×12 House Frame in your choice of oak, ebony or white wood.  
Once clients see Fine Art printing for themselves there is usually no going back. Your photographs suddenly acquire a look and a feel more akin to a painting. More than 98% of all of my images go out as Fine Art prints – either framed for the wall or in Memory Boxes.
That said – Fine Art prints are a tad delicate and can scratch if not handled properly. As such I don’t recommend that you pop one loose in Grannys Christmas card.  For this reason you can always purchase both Fine Art prints AND standard prints from your online gallery. 
How long do I have to choose images for printing?
Your gallery will stay online for 12 months from your session date. 


  1. If you want to know more just pick up the phone – 01604 770013 . If you want to check availability or book in your due date just pop over to the DIARY
  2. We always book in your DUE DATE. Babies have a tendency to arrive when THEY think they will arrive with total disregard to the fact Mummy has booked their first portrait session. Once I have your due date in my diary I know that I have to schedule time out for 7 days BEFORE and 14 days AFTER! All I need you to do is drop me a line to let me know the good news!
  3. Once baby arrives we will decide on an actual date. We will also discuss all the lovely stuff….like colour schemes!! You then just arrive on the day with that new precious bundle and everything will be ready!

There are just 940 Saturdays between your child being born and their 18th Birthday

And by the time they are 5 

260 of them will be gone.

Capture it!

Annie x