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“A mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in the world.

It knows no law, no pity.

It dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path”



This is THE most special and magical of times. And they are only THIS tiny for such a short time!!

Ideally we should be photographing baby in those first ten days. Although it probably won’t feel like it (!) this is when your baby will be at their sleepiest – allowing us to capture those  properly curled up, sleepy moments.

However – if baby is a little older, don’t panic!!! Just let me know and we’ll hatch a plan! Older babies can just be a little bit more alert…… but a little bit of careful planning (and a little bit more cuddle time!) will work wonders.

Expect to be with me for around an hour for a Mini Session and around three hours for a full session as we need to allow plenty of time for feeds, changing and cuddling.  So come prepared (feeds, changing bag etc etc) and don’t be surprised if we take no photographs at ALL to begin with. It can take a long time to get baby undressed and settled again.

For Mummy and Daddy there is a comfy sofa, ad lib tea, coffee and biscuits and the chance to chill for a few hours whilst I look after baby.

The studio will be warm (as in 75-80 degrees warm!) So dress accordingly – especially Daddies who usually find the heat unbearable! Layers that can be taken off will be your friend.

And three hours in a hot studio is not the ideal place for older siblings. It is super important that they join us but lets talk and make a plan so that it is a lovely day for them too.   



I offer a choice of three newborn sessions – 2 in the studio here at East Haddon and a ‘lifestyle’ session in the comfort of your own home

THE LITTLE SESSION – £295 (available weekdays only)

Perfect for those super special ‘Mama and Me’ and ‘New Daddy’ portraits.

We will create a maximum of around ten beautiful finished images. Your favourite will be included in your session fee as a Fine Art print with the matching digital file. You can add to this Collection at any time for up to 12 months from your session date.

Baby will be held throughout this session and I can include a beautiful choice of dresses if you would love to wear something amazingly special.




THE FULL SESSION – Starting at £395

A longer session to produce a stunningly varied portfolio of around 20 images, both of baby with you and baby on their own in one of my beautiful baby baskets. This will allow us to get those beautiful close-up images of those tiny toes and tiny hands

Your session fee includes your choice five images as a digital and Fine Art print collection

This session can also be upgraded to THE MEGA SESSION which will include the use of any of my super-safe Newborn props.  Mega-Sessions include an automatic 20% discount on any further Annie Bee purchases




For both sessions additional images can be purchased at any time on a A La Carte basis with no minimum order requirements

Digital Files and Fine Art prints start from £45

Wall Art starts from £95

And “All Images” Collections start at £200

Your files will be kept on file for a full 12 months from the date of your sitting.



Part of the iconic Annie Bee ‘Story of Us’ Series. 

Half a day spent with you on location capturing every little detail of life with a new baby. Expect to receive more than 100 beautifully toned and edited images from this session which will all be yours to keep

And as every story needs a book this session will also come with a beautifully laid out 20 page Italian album designed entirely to your specifications.




And sometimes your new Little Person just cannot wait to meet you and decides to put in an appearance on Planet Earth a little earlier than expected!

Never think you have to discount those precious newborn moments just because you are doing a stint on SCBU. Over the last 35 years I have had the honour of doing these sessions in hospitals all across the country. I have yet to find a nursing team less than amazingly understanding and accommodating of a photographer on the ward!



  1. If you want to know more just pick up the phone – 01604 770013 –  or, if now is not a good time, just book in some TIME TO TALK! If you want to check availability or book in your due date just pop over to the DIARY
  2. We always book in your DUE DATE. Babies have a tendency to arrive when THEY think they will arrive with total disregard to the fact Mummy has booked their first portrait session. Once I have your due date in my diary I know that I have to schedule time out for 7 days BEFORE and 14 days AFTER! All I need you to do is drop me a line to let me know the good news!
  3. Once baby arrives we will decide on an actual date. We will also discuss all the lovely stuff….like colour schemes!! You then just arrive on the day with that new precious bundle and everything will be ready!

There are just 940 Saturdays between your child being born and their 18th Birthday

And by the time they are 5 

260 of them will be gone.

Capture it!

Annie x