Do You Believe In Magic (An Aunties Tale – Part II)

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Do You Believe In Magic  (An Aunties Tale – Part II)



(For the story behind this post go to An Aunties Tale)


Do you believe in magic??

Do you believe that you can tell your friends, colleagues, neighbours that you are thinking of holding a charity auction for Birmingham Childrens Hospital and they will get behind you 110%?

Do you believe that, on a miserable December night in England – in a village pub – with the rain hammering down and wreaking havoc across the country -over 400 people might turn out to offer you support?


Crods ar The Saracens Head, Little Brington


Do you believe that you can do this with NO costs – because your local pub, The Saracens at Brington, will host the event (and feed everyone) for free?



Bar Staff at Saracens Head Little Brington


And because the guys from NEM Plant Ltd , your local civil engineering company,  will pick up the tab for the cost of the marquee?


Staff from NEM Plant Ltd at The Saracens at Brinton



And because Norton & Brooksbank auctioneer  Mark Lee will pull the whole thing together on the night absolutely for free –  so long as his specially made rostrum comes complete with beer holders?


Auctioneer at BCH Charity Auction




Well start believing.

Because it is nothing short of magic that this Little Soul ever left Birmingham Childrens Hospital ….. let alone is with us , 12 months later, holding proof of the amount of money an awful lot of amazing people helped raise for the hospital that saved her life.

So – over to Erin. Because what more can anyone say?!