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Thank You For Booking Your “Waiting For Santa” Mini Session

The Magic of Christmas! 

This session just sums it up!

Now then – don’t be disappointed when you arrive at the studio. I really don’t have this beautiful window to sit your children at and it won’t be snowing outside. This session has to have a little Annie Bee magic sprinkled over it AFTER you have gone!

So – to make the magic perfect – bring whatever they WOULD be wearing if it really WAS Christmas Eve and they really WERE  waiting for Santa – PJ’s. Dressing Gowns. Hot water bottles! Teddies! The more Christmasy the better!

And don’t forget their pets.

Pets wait for Santa too!

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If you have booked ‘Additional Memories’ we usually do these images first so don’t forget to bring some ‘normal’ clothes for everyone to wear. Feel free to dress up or down as much as you would love. Ball Gowns and Black Ties are as great for a family portrait as Jeans and plain t-shirts.  Just try to avoid big patterns, big logos or stripes.

If you need some help just give me a call. We can facetime each other and you can show me the inside of everyone’s wardrobe!   Or pop over to my Pinterest Page – WHAT TO WEAR – if you would love some inspiration.

If you have any queries prior to your session just pick up the phone – 01604 770013. See you soon!