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Notes on Being THE Family Photographer – Team Dolling


The first time I met Team Dolling they weren’t quite yet Team Dolling!

Victoria was a bridesmaid at her best friends wedding and I was the photographer.

Boyfriend Tom was a guest and their first baby, the adorable, sassy and spirited Nora-Rae was making her presence known but still to make an appearance on Planet Earth.



Bride with three bridesmaids




This adorable young couple kept in touch from that first day we met.

Not only did I get asked to photograph THEIR forthcoming wedding but I also got to photograph the newborn Nora-Rae at 10 days old, all chubby little rolls of loveliness and a mass of hair!


Newborn baby




I fell off my chair at regular intervals as Victoria sent me images of her growing up.

And then fell off again when she sent me a message to tell me that there might be one more guest at their wedding –   And her 12 week scan photograph!

So the Bride To Be and the Bridesmaid to Be had to sneak in another little session before the Big Day!!


Pregnant Mummy holding young daughter



And on the 16th August this year I got to see my Bridesmaid become a Bride and her Bump become a Bridesmaid!!!


Bride getting reday





I got to see that lovely man who I had met all those years before marry the woman he so clearly loved.


Bride and Groom exchanging vows



I got to hear some of the funniest wedding speeches I have ever heard!



Bride and Groom laughing at wedding speeches





I got to join in the laughter




I got to see that little ‘Bump’ run around as a Bridesmaid


And I got to see Team Dolling really become ‘Team Dolling’!!




And I feel like I’ve been there just about every step of the way!

What an honour and a privilege!



Highlights of Tom and Victoria’s beautiful wedding at The Barns at Hunsbury Hill

can be watched at    :-


(click to play)