The Girl With the Green Eyes

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The Girl With the Green Eyes

What feels like a hundred years ago a portrait of a girl stopped me in my tracks.

It was the summer of 1985 – and it was on the front cover of the National Geographic Magazine. And a very much younger Annie (not-even-Burbage) stood transfixed on a busy railway platform in London – oblivious to everything other than the image in front of her in the racks of the news-stand.


Afghan Girl


Steve McCurrys image  – ‘Afghan Girl’ (above) -triggered what was to subsequently become a lifetime’s love affair with photographing the human face. His book – PORTRAITS – sits on the desk in front of me as a type this.

More than 30 years ago I promised myself that – one day –  I would be a photographer and I would find a girl with eyes like that and I would be the one to photograph her.

Today was that day.



Girl with green eyes



(Annie Bee is the Official Photographer for the The Dating Show Live 2018 

This  beautiful ‘single’ who will be at the NEC  in November could just NOT fathom the official photographers reaction when they met today!)