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Meg was adopted by her Mummy and Daddy when she was just 9 months old. She had been rescued by the RSPCA  from appalling conditions and was starved and infested with mites.

Mummy and Daddy told me that “she had taken a long time to trust them but was now the most wonderful dog”

But – and there is always a BUT 😉🤣 – they also warned me that she was a bit feisty, headstrong and strong-willed – a real sweetie who loved people ‘but who just has problems doing what she’s told despite three years of dog training classes!” They were slightly worried about us actually getting anything from her session!

Interestingly they also described her as ‘a bit of a clown’ – “If a dog could have a sense of humour then she has it in spades”

Meg is not a full Labrador. She is crossed with an Irish Water Spaniel. And , probably without realising it, her Mummy and Daddy had just perfectly described that particular breed. The breed directory describes the Irish Water Spaniel as  :-

“Not content with his striking looks and hunting talents, he’s an entertainer as well. The IWS is known for his clownish behaviour. He often makes a game out of a simple task and always seems to be having a wonderful time. The breed can do well in obedience work, but that mischievous, fun-loving personality may surface unexpectedly during competition and wreak havoc with your goals for that day”

So – Meg arrived after her 70 mile trip to get here….. and I kind-of knew what I was getting!! And we loved each other from the start. In fairness…. you could have been describing ME ; loves people, a bit feisty and strong-willed and has problems doing what she’s told. Me and Meg were destined to hit it off.

I only ever do one Pet Commission a day. Most dogs take a while to settle, but never more so than when they are headstrong. They need time to decide that coming to a portrait studio was THEIR idea all along before we are ever going to get something lovely. Adding the stress of a ‘time constraint’ into THAT mix is never going to work.

So me and  Mummy and Daddy had a cup of tea and some biscuits whilst Meg explored and came to her own conclusion that she would allow me to photograph her.

Which is exactly as it should be.




BREED – Labrador Retriever x Irish Water Spaniel

AGE – 6


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